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What We Do

The Bridge saves you time and energy by bringing you amazing vetted corporate solutions.

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In-Office Experiences

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Out of Office Solutions

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Support Staff

We focus on four categorical solutions that bring measured results to the office:

Knowledge Based Skills Development

Team Building and Socializing 

Health, Wellness and

Work-Life Balance

Rewards and Conveniences

Leadership getaways, sales meetings, team buildings and holiday parties

We bring you the best options with the work done for you!

Unique Turnkey Solutions for various group sizes with:

Vetted Venues and Vendors   

Floor Plans & Direct Contacts

Standalone venues

Standalone experiences

We have team members standing by and ready to support your needs!

If you have boxes of items that need to be sorted, company gift bags that need to be prepared, or an event that needs a few extra hands to go from great to amazing we have got you covered.


Just let us know what you need and we will get you covered!!!

How It Works

We are a subscription based service for corporate brands and agencies

that serve corporate solutions. 

The Bridge brings you over 1,000 hours of collected information

that's organized and updated Quarterly.

Our 40 years of experience brings you vetted and true premium experiences that will satisfy your clients, your c-suites and all those you hope to uplift and retain!

We have already done the middle man work,

you just need to choose your favorites and reach out to seal the deal.  

Have a solution that requires a consultation or some kick off support? 

Reach out to Zelladu, our independent producer that can help you get things going.

Our database never stops growing!

We will always bring new solutions to our current cities and add new cities 

Our current solutions are based in Southern California with Las Vegas

and Manhattan on the horizon!  Subscribers get unlimited access to all of the resources across all locations.

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